Education and Research

The Europe of the 89ers

It was extraordinary to take part in The Europe of the 89ers, a project run by Professor Timothy Garton Ash from Oxford University and Stiftung Mercator. The initiative aimed to connect past, present and future on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary commemorating the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Invited students and young professionals listened to stories from the past, as told by testimonies from the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Looking at how Europe might look in 2030, we later deliberated on issues like migration, climate change, defence and communication. The overall discussion fed into Europe’s Stories, a research study conducted by Oxford University.

We also had the chance to attend the official ceremony to commemorate the Fall of the Berlin wall with the presence of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

During the trip, I contributed to Junior Report by interviewing dissidents from East Germany and testimonies of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Europe Lab 2019

In July 2019, I joined Europe Lab, a platform that “unites young people from over 30 European countries unlocking opportunities for dialogue and common learning”. I contributed to the seminar “Topographies of Memory” on how urban spaces reflect history through art and architecture. 

Thanks to partners 47/04, we learned about the history of Gorizia/Nova Gorica, two border towns -one in Italy, one in Slovenia- once separated by a wall during the Cold War. Now that both countries are part of the Schengen area, everybody is free to cross the border that crosses both municipalities. 

Europe Lab 2019

Student at Preparing Global Leaders Forum Bulgaria (2018)

“Get scientists together with politicians, lawyers with poets. They’re out of their comfort zone in a city they have never been to before, with a curriculum stretching their minds, in an environment that is going to make these close friendships more of a possibility”. This is how professor Sam Potolicchio, founder of the non-profit Preparing Global Leaders Forum describes his initiative in an interview

Among youngsters from all over the world, Preparing Global Leaders Fourm Bulgaria, taught us essential soft skills in a five day intensive leadership training. 

Fellow at the Turkey Europe Future Forum 2017

The Turkey Europe Future Forum is a project of Stiftung Mercator in cooperation with TUSIAD, under the patronage of Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

Since 2015, The Turkey Europe Future Forum has been bringing together dedicated young leaders from Turkey and Europe for intensive dialogue in Turkey, Germany and other European countries.

Find more information about the forum here.

The Turkey Europe Future Forum 2017 took place in Izmir (Turkey) and Chios (Greece), featuring debates on media, Turkish law and politics, and the refugee crisis

An EU Treasury with Eurobonds: Would it bring financial stability?

This dissertation for the Master’s Degree in European Integration proposed a unique institutional design for the Eurozone, equipping it with an EU Treasury capable of issuing Eurobonds. This research project was written fully in English.

This research project was awarded the endowed prize ‘Catalunya Europa Segle XXI’ by EU Affairs foundation ‘Fundació Catalunya Europa’

European Student Conference 2016 at Yale University

I was selected to participate at European Horizon’s European Student Conference at Yale Uniersity, where among other students we discussed the future of the European Union. I joined the workshop to discuss a fiscal union.

Master's Degree in European Integration

I followed a specialisation in European Economy and Governance. Most of the degree was thaught in English. Graduated with honours

The story of Irene Polo and Catalonia in the Second Republic

This dissertation for the Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism delves into the life of Irene Polo, a pioneering Catalan journalist and the first relevant female journalist in Catalonia. Aside from the research on her life and the historic context, the project includes an original adaptation of her life into a comic script. It was written together with journalist Alan Ruiz Terol.

Exchange at Stirling University (Scotland)

During a semester exchange at the University of Stirling, I wrote several essays in English while coursing the following modules of my interest: Politics of the British Isles, International Politics and Meaning and Representation (English Literature).

Bachelor's Degree in Journalism

 A journalism degree integrating modules on print and online writing, radio production and TV broadcasting. Highlighted modules: 

  • Interactive journalsim
  • Economic theory
  • Political communication
  • Honours in dissertation