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I am a journalist from Barcelona based in Madrid (Spain) with years experience in media and many other roles involving communications.

I have reported in English, Spanish and Catalan. I am particularly interested in international affairs, politics and technology. 

I hold a Master’s Degree in European Integration, specializing in European Economy and Governance.


I am currently working as a Communications Assistant at the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid, the largest forum of democratically elected former Presidents and Prime Ministers working to advance democratic development worldwide.


Experience & Studies

Check my experience in news on world events, technology and economy, and journalistic projects abroad

Check my experience in communications for a Non-profit, for the United Nations and for a private company.

Check my Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and achivements in policy research

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✉ Email: albertguasch (at)

📞 Phone: +34652982749

El Auto del Tribunal Supremo que deja sin efecto todas las euroórdenes contra políticos catalanes es un esperpento.
Demuestra la debilidad de nuestro poder judicial en Europa. No tiene fundamentación jurídica. Sólo berrinche de juez soberbio.

Decían que sería el mejor submarino convencional del mundo. Pero no flotaba. Ni entraba en su base. Y es carísimo. [dz]

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