Freelance work

As a freelance journalist, I regularly contribute to La Vanguardia‘s live blog covering current affairs such as elections, demonstrations, Catalonia’s push for independence and the coronavirus crisis. I also collaborate with international media, like Euronews, CGTN and Are We Europe. 

In the past, I have been a contributing writer to the following sections of La Vanguardia: 

  • Junior Report, a magazine for young readers
  • Economy
  • Technology
  • Profiles


The Agora Project

The Agora Project is a temporary newsroom for European journalists doing cross-border research on the challenges facing Europe. Find the full dossier here

The project took place in Armenia and Sweden. My research finds instances of layoffs caused by automation and digitalisation to describe how labour unions fight technological unemployment in Europe.

Radio Mataró

For “El Pregoner”, a local show about European affairs, I provided commentary on several topics relating to European politics and economy

European Youth Media Days 2016

The European Youth Media Days 2016 gathered dozens of European young journalists at the European Parliament in Strasbourg for trainning. 

I produced a radio piece on the sharing economy with two other talented journalists.


For DiariARA I wrote for the world news section on major events taking place at the time, such as Brexit, the refugee crisis or the Panama Papers.

Mediane grant: "European Exchange of Media Practices"

The grant “European Exchanged of Media Practices”  intends to allow various media actors to strengthen and enlarge their competences and abilities on diversity and non-discrimination and exchange on inclusive and diverse modes of media design and production. It is a project funded by the European Commission and implemented by the  Council of Europe

I teamed up with journalist Lucian Balanuta to write a long research article comparing how Romanians and Spaniards migrate across Europe. 

The article resulting from the Mediane grant was awarded the status of selected contribution at the “Writing for CEE 2014 Journalism Prize”, organised by the Austrian News Agency.

M100 Young European Journalists Workshop 2013

The M100 Young European Journalists Workshop 2013 invited more than 20 young journalists in Berlin for a training session at Axel Springer. 

We learned rhetorical techniques, video production and attended the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium 2013. 

The result of our work was gathered here