About me

Journalism. Communications. European affairs. International relations

May you live interesting times, says a proverb of uncertain origin. It is known as the Chinese curse, but it was most likely invented by Colonial Brits residing in China. Later on, I found out it is supposed to be ironic: It is not meant to convey excitement for current times. Quite the contrary, it is supposed to imply that uninteresting times are more quiet and enjoyable.   

But it was too late for me.

I thought we were living interesting times and I became a journalist.

I am based in Barcelona with years experience in media and other roles involving communications. I have reported for several newspapers based in Barcelona (La Vanguardia, DiariARA) and for the pan-European news outlet Euronews. I can do reporting in Spanish, Catalan and English.

In my latest role, I have worked in communications for the Division for Social Policy and Development at the United Nations Headquarters (New York). There I wrote articles, designed promo material and edited videos.

I specialize in EU and international affairs, while I also frequently write about economy and technology. I have also received grants to carry out successful journalistic projects.  

As I was studying journalism, the European Union was going through its own interesting times. The EU’s economic crisis sparked my interest which led me to enroll in  a Master’s Degree in European Integration. Wishing to learn more about the Euro Crisis, I specialized in European economy and wrote a dissertation on Eurobonds, which won an award by an EU foundation based in Catalonia.

As an individual curious by nature, I love travelling and meeting new people. That is why I participate in many funded projects abroad, where I meet like-minded journalists and credible sources. These include a video production workshop in Berlin, a radio training at the European Parliament, a conference at Yale University and forum in Turkey.

I continuously seek opportunities in international and European affairs, where I can work on matters linked to the interesting times we are living. These include journalism, communications, and policy.

If you want to see my work, take a look at my portfolio here.

Like-minded individual? Think I can contribute to your organization? Get in touch with me!